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Advice for Dating Asian Women



Successfully dating Asian women requires a little bit more than just opening an account on Cherry Blossoms and waiting for the hits on your profile to start rolling in. If you want to meet and date Asian women, you’ll need to up your game because they are not at all like their western counterparts; Asian women get a lot of attention from men around the world because they’re enchantingly beautiful, polite, and highly intelligent.


Here are several tips for your next Asian dating adventure to ensure your ultimate success.


Ask About Her Interests

There are two people involved in every dating scenario; you and her. While an Asian woman will be happy to learn about you and your interests, it would be nice if you also took the time to ask about what makes her frustrated and sad or happy and fulfilled. Learn about what makes her smile!

Avoid Mentioning Stereotypes


Throwing out typical Asian stereotypes is one of the quickest ways to send an Asian girl running in the other direction. It’s a given that you have a “thing” for Asian women if you are registered on an Asian dating site, so this doesn’t need to be verbalized. Don’t go in expecting that every Asian woman knows martial arts or is a professional masseuse- that’s just silly. Treat each lady that you meet as an individual and don’t assume that you are trading messages with Lucy Liu’s clone.


Never Send Money

This is a common mistake that men make when dating Asian women long distance that you’ll want to avoid. While most Asian women have pure motives, some don’t and will take advantage of your generosity. Many websites have their share of financial scammers, and it is next to impossible to screen them out entirely.


If you want to send a gift, Cherry Blossoms has safe methods of sending flowers or other gifts that don’t involve the transfer of currency.


Again, NEVER SEND MONEY and report anyone who asks  to the Cherry Blossoms Staff.


Don’t Disparage Her Family

For Asians, family is everything! Family is so important in the Asian culture that when you date an Asian woman, consider that you may also have to court every single member of her family. Never dismiss her family or the importance of their opinion on your courtship and budding relationship.

Respect Her Faith

If you wish to date Asian women, you could very likely encounter a lady with a strong sense of faith. For example, 86 percent of Filipinos are Roman Catholic. The particular religion and dedication to faith will vary by country, and sometimes region, but it’s important that you understand and respect that this is a part of her upbringing (see above) and acknowledge her faith.


Be Complementary

Guys, we’re telling you this right off. “Nice butt!” is not going to get you a lot of responses.

Asian women, on the whole, care a great deal about appearances. They spend a great amount of time on fashion, beauty, and body image. Expect to gain extra points by complimenting on such things as choice of outfit, shoes, and hairstyle. Not just that; every lady likes to receive compliments on her sense of humor, her personality and her intellect, too.

Don’t get ahead of yourself

Remember when we discussed ditching those Asian stereotypes? Assuming that your new love interest is a “Geisha vixen” who is going to be your very own Asian sex kitten is a big mistake. In fact, you’ll find the opposite to be true when dating Asian women. Asian countries are conservative by nature, and you’ll need to be patient in every respect when you date Asian women.


While there are many ways to fail at Asian dating, finding love on an Asian dating site doesn’t have to be difficult. Some online sites are better than others, and Cherry Blossoms is the VERY BEST. We’re here to help you find success in your quest to meet your soulmate online. To date, we’ve helped over 150,000 couples unite through our service. Join today- it’s free to set up a profile.







 10 turn-offs Asian Women Notice in a Dating Profile:  http://blog.blossoms.com/?p=2170    Online Dating Safety and Guidelines for New Cherry Blossoms Users:  http://blog.blossoms.com/?p=2113


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“We owe CB so much.” -Michael C., CB Client



We love getting updates from our CB Friends. Michael is one of our happy customers!

“We just confirmed a flight. I fly to Manila July 28.


We owe CB so much. 13 months of communication via video phone, chat, anyway we can; it’s finally here.


Our dreams are coming true. And that’s all because of blossoms and a one of a kind woman.


There are good men and women out there that just want real love. A man has to prove it, and a woman deserves it.


We’ll be in touch. But from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you! ”



Wishing you safe travels to Manila and all the best in your new life with your special lady <3


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10 Turn-Offs Asian Women Notice in a Dating Profile


It sure seems like online dating comes naturally for a few but it might be a struggle for nearly everyone else. A lot of guys have had great results on Cherry Blossoms, but if you’re wondering why your online dating profile isn’t pulling in the kind of responses you’re looking for– we have some ideas for you.


In most cases, creating a winning profile is more about what you shouldn’t include than what you should. Here are ten profile turnoffs that are bad news if you are interested in dating Asian women.


  1. Strange Photos

Let’s be honest here. Most Asian women are going to be turned off by any number of strange photos that men post on their Asian dating site profiles.

While a selfie is better than not having a photo, bathroom and gym selfies are not ok whether you are wearing a shirt or not. Old or blurry photos aren’t going to work either. Finally, women know when you post cropped pictures of yourself and your ex.

Anything other than a good, recent photo of yourself is a turnoff.

  1. Unkempt Physical Appearance

Don’t be “That Guy”. A man who doesn’t care about his physical appearance isn’t very attractive to ladies. If you don’t care about how you look, this is usually going to carry through into other areas of your life. It makes a bad first impression.

Also, Asian women often prefer men who don’t have facial hair, so if you’re sporting one of those lumberjack beards you may have a tough time getting a response. Tidy up that beard!


  1. No Sense of Humor

Women love a man who has a sense of humor and especially one that can laugh at himself. If you’re taking life, and yourself, a little  too seriously this is going to be an ongoing issue.


It’s ok to be a “serious” type, but avoid the negative talk if you wish to attract Asian women.


  1. Lack of Confidence

Dating Asian women isn’t for the faint of heart. Studies have shown that women are turned on by confident men and turned off by meek ones. However, this doesn’t give you an excuse to brag it up- Your dating profile should exhibit signs of confidence, such as knowing what you like to do and having your own sense of self and style.


  1. Poor Spelling and Grammar

Not everyone has perfect grammar or won their school district’s spelling bee. That’s why most word processing programs have a spelling and grammar checking system built-in! Write your profile in MS Word or some other similar program and hit the “spell check” button.


No one expects you to have perfect spelling and grammar in your dating site profile, but it should be understandable, readable and coherent. This will especially help Asian ladies who are relying on translation software.


  1. Too Many Abbreviations

“Srry lol jk  omg ;P <3”

No joke, your dating profile isn’t a text message or a social media post. If you need to say “LOL” or post an emoticon more than once, it’s too many times. Not everyone understands abbreviations and texting slang, especially if English isn’t their first language.

Write in full sentences and save the smilies and hearts for later.


  1. An Inaccurate Profile

A pretty massive turnoff on men’s dating profiles is inaccuracy. To put it more clearly, don’t lie.


Don’t stretch the truth about your age, height, weight, or marital status. Don’t make up hobbies to try to sound more interesting. If you are really looking to seriously date Asian women, hopefully, you want to find someone who likes you for who you are.


  1. Too Much Information (TMI)

A dating profile is not the place to lay out your latest sob story or to trash your ex. Depressing stories aren’t sexy and, if you’re angry and trashing your ex, it doesn’t cast you in a good light.

Keep it short and sweet: be positive and focus on the kind of person you’d like to meet instead of dwelling on the past.

  1. Generic Terms and Adjectives

We all think that we’re “nice” and “funny” but this pretty generic when it comes to a dating profile. If you’re interested in dating Asian women, be more specific about your background, your hobbies, and the adventurous things that you enjoy doing.


Example: “I like motocross and horror films. My favorite movie is Titanic.” Ok, don’t use these exact words (unless you’re really into those things). Giving specifics will give you something to talk about.


  1. Being a Jerk

A dating profile is not the place to objectify women by telling them how beautiful, intelligent, and physically fit they should be. Do NOT be degrading.


If your profile looks like this,“I’m looking for a perfect 10. She should be a doctor/model/great housekeeper–ALL AT THE SAME TIME!”, you might get a few hits, but more often than not, women will pass it by.


It’s a given that you’re probably looking for a certain type of woman on an Asian dating site. If this is you, that’s great, but don’t close yourself off to other opportunities.


The Takeaway?

Yes, it’s easy to meet Asian women online, especially at Cherry Blossoms. However, you’re still going to need to add a little polish on your profile if you’re looking to attract a special woman.


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