Doug & Lolit- A Happy CB Couple

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To all pinay viewing our profile, we are happily married, we do go on from time to time to see who else has found their hearts desire, but we have no account here anymore, cannot answer email, cannot chat, and are not looking. We thank you all for your heartfelt emails, and wish you all luck in finding your special someone.

We keep our profiles here to inspire others that this does indeed work, and we both know you too can find your one and only!

God bless each and every one of you, and good luck!!

Lolit is originally from Kidapawan but was living for almost 10 years in Tagum when we met.

I finally found the love of a lifetime!

This has been the most amazing journey, Lolit is now here in the United States for almost seven years, she arrived on the 3rd of July 2008. She is amazed how different the US is from the Philippines and is loving it!

I taught her to drive, she passed her test the second time, and I bought her a new car. She is working now, and has been promoted one time into management and is close to her second promotion!

Lolit and I will be married seven years on July 18, 2015, it has been a wild and wonderful life together! Mahal na mahal din kita my gwapa na asawa na Lolit!

We want to thank the Cherry Blossoms for the means to bring us together, and want to tell all other couples, and singles, this does truly work!

Our visa journey took four months start to finish, we know God played a big part in this. We have been blessed, Lolit now has her 10 year green card. She is currently studying for her citizenship test.

Never give up and you will find your dream partner!!

CB Chat Monitors Found Love! Read More

Hi CB Friends!

You may be surprised, but Love can find you in any number of ways, places and times.

Here’s a great story from our Chat Monitors, Maggz (PinkPanther) and Marcus (MrBluiz).

While we don’t have a chat room anymore, we hope their story will inspire you to keep searching on your Journey of Love!


CB Staff

Good day! Hello Ms.Lani and CB staff!

Sorry for late reply been really busy the past few months after me and Marcus ( Mr.Bluiz of CB a chat monitor too like me)got married last November of 2016.

First and foremost, I would like to thank CB for giving me the chance to meet this wonderful guy who has a very long patience waiting for me to say YES to him to be his gf now his wife.God is really good …aftér 2 years of searching he gave me Marcus.I joined CB end of January 2008.I met a lot of friends till now i value and cherish a lot.I have lots of wonderful memories in the room.I had few bfs from CB too but did not meet personally.Comes last part of 2009 I saw Marcus in the room.He just kept on viewing my profile but did not say anything.Sent me a lot of smiles that i ignored and deleted it LOL.When he became monitor a month before i became a monitor he had the guts to greet me and say hello …but of course I have to say Hi back bcoz he is a monitor.He kept on watching me on cam sometimes made me annoyed bcoz at first I really dont like him.He is out of my preferrence .But of course almost all ladies does have their own preferrences

Then when I became a monitor, thats the start we started to talk in pm mainly bcoz of some room problems from some jerks in the room 😁.

Since then its just normal for us to talk over some small things then he started to ask some personal things blahblah.He even asked some of my friends help to tell me he like me.He is very open in the room that he really likes me without me knowing it bcoz hes been telling the girls whose sending him pm he likes me.

Late part of 2010 , …we had a mutual understanding.

Thats it..we started talking and dating on line while doing our job in the room 😁😉

Nov.2011 when he first visited me here in Manila.

Then after a year he plan to file a fiance but something came up. So after a year we plan to file a fiance again…just like the first attempt something came up again. It was 2014 when finally the application was filed but I guess I am not into leaving Pinas. Another thing came up and that incident made me decide to let him go and even asked him to find another girl for him…but he choose to stay and said he will not leave me.

I never thought that we will be together as one…we continue dating and then finally July of 2016 he said he will surely go back to meet me again…and we will pursue our plan of getting married (which was supposed to be 2015 but another problem came up) Nov.10, 2016, we finally did our vows witnessed by some of our CB friends , my families and friends. After so many struggles which I know is really part of any relationship…God made us one.God is really good.He gave me more than what I prayed for in his perfect time.

I am very much happy with the guy I met in CB…the one who love me and accepted me for who and what I am.

Thank you Cherry Blossoms.I hope this will inspire some of the ladies out there.Never loose hope…I waited 8 long years to be with the guy destined for me.If it is meant to be…its meant to be! And I know in my heart we are meant for each other.

Yours truly,
aka Pinkpanther


If you’re serious about finding love, friendship, and more, CB Friends, please come visit us at Cherry Blossoms is here to help YOU find the Love of a Lifetime!

Love is the Master’s Course of Life… a Blog from CB Mike.

Hi CB Friends!

Here’s something to think about and put into practice while on Cherry Blossoms

We all get what we focus on in life. Here are some ways you can focus your energy on finding LOVE.


CB Staff


Dear CB Friends,

Love is the Master’s Course of Life…

Whether you are going out to find your love, or using an Online Dating Site like Cherry Blossoms, there’s always some inner work to be done in order to find what you want.

It is said that the Mastery of anything, is the space of non resistance. When you watch a wonderful Athlete, or fabulous Musician, or a talented Artist, you will see, you can feel the absence of resistance.

So if you play Tennis at some level and you want to get to another level, it’s not just about practice, since if you keep practicing the same things, you will never get better, or at least not much better.

My view point about this is, if you want to get from where you are to some other place, you must have your conversation about this subject continue to become more pure and more positive; and more pure and more positive… it’s simply that way.

So starting each day, take some time and imagine the kind of person you’d love to meet. What they would look like, feel like, smell like, you can use all our senses. Then later, start thinking about it a few times a day, and then more and more, and depending on your level of desire, you might think about it once an hour, or even all the time.

How much you practice is all up to you, I just wanted to remind that there is inner work to be done, and if you do it, you will find your True Love.

Aloha, CB Mike.
Senior CB Staff.
Phone: 808.889.0101

Focus on What You Want- A Blog from CB Mike.

Hey Cherry Blossoms Friends,

Sharing another encouraging message from CB Mike to help YOU find True Love on Cherry Blossoms.

These are great things to remember if you’re looking for love while online dating.

CB Staff


Dear CB Friend,

This is a reply to a member who was expressing some concerns about using Cherry Blossoms Dating… I wanted to share it with you because it came out very clean and clear and I feel this could be helpful.

Here’s the Message:

Mr. Einstein said, “we cannot solve the World’s problems with the same thinking that got us here.” I say, “to get from where we are now, to where we want to be, we want to have our thoughts become more pure and more positive.” 🙂

The same is true with finding True Love… if we keep thinking the same thoughts, having the same concerns, the same fears, the same worries about not finding love, we will keep manifesting these thoughts over and over and over. It’s not possible by the design of our amazing Universe to do anything else.

Mr. Einstein also said that “we are part of the whole, called by us Universe” and that we cannot separate ourselves from it, other than by our thinking… we are all connected in some way.

For all of us… we simply want to focus on what we really want, and then practice our thinking about what we want so our Point of Attraction becomes so strong that you find your True Love.

Basically, by doing this inner work we become the place, and create the space, for the Magical and Mystical part of life to come and join us.

Aloha, CB Mike.
Senior CB Staff.
Phone: 808.889.0101


We Are Biological Magnets- a Blog from CB Mike

Here’s some important advice to remember when you’re looking for love online. Focus, focus, focus!

CB Staff


Dear CB Friends,

I had so many calls about this, that I wanted to share it with you.

We are Biological Magnets…

When I was 10 years old, I was complaining to my Grandfather about something and after a while he looked at me and said, “Michael, you better be careful what you talk about, because you just might get it”.

Well at 10 years old, I really did not understand him; but I loved him and respected him, so decided to keep thinking about this and trust his words have value to me.

Later in life, I found that what he was talking about was how the Universe works; that whether you say you want something or say you do not want it, here it comes… sometimes this way is easier to see in someone else, but you will find that it’s true in your life too, it’s always true.

So, going back to what I have been sharing a lot for the past few months, “focus on what you want”
, no but’s, no if’s, or maybe’s, just on what you want.

If you have your conversations about love continue to be more pure and more positive, you will find your True Love.


Love is the Way, Love is the Path…

If you have any questions about this message, or anything, feel welcome to call me at during our business hours. 808.889.0101.

Aloha, CB Mike.
Senior CB Staff.

Phone: 808.889.0101