Four Great Tips for Long Distance Relationships

  When you think about long distance relationships (LDR), many see them as a situation for people who cant find someone near to where they live. With today’s technology, attitudes have proven that this isn’t the case at all. In fact, a recent Queen’s University study concluded that couples in… Read More

What to do if it’s not a Match

What to do if it's not a Match

With so many different kinds of people doing online dating, you’re bound to come across someone who isn’t a good match. What to do if it’s not a Match? You are not a good match for them or they’re not a good match for you? You can “ghost” them and just… Read More

New Cherry Blossoms Visa Department

  We are happy to announce that there is a New Cherry Blossoms Visa Department. Cherry Blossoms Visa is all about providing you and your fiancée or wife with the fastest and best service. Cherry Blossoms has been providing Full Service Support for over 40 years with Tens of Thousands… Read More