One Man’s Story: I’ve Found True Love with Online Dating!

Find LOVE on Cherry Blossoms.

Find LOVE on Cherry Blossoms.

Dear Friends,

We received a wonderful letter from a happy Cherry Blossoms client sharing their LOVE STORY:

     It is great privilege for me to write about what were my experiences and wanted to share them to everyone. Really being alone in life is so hard to experience. A kind of situation where I can say, I feel some emptiness in my life. This is the reason that pushed me and motivated me to join  this dating site  for the purpose of searching for my soul mate. I wanted to meet a woman who could share her love with  me and a woman who could be with me for the rest of my life.
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Finding Love Online is Possible!

      I am so blessed and thankful for Cherry Blossoms. Because of this site, I have met many good and beautiful women of different nationalities, and enjoyed talking and sharing with them about life as well as their way of living, their cultures and everything. Through this, I learned many things and enhanced my perspective in life. I believe that everyone deserves to be happy for the second time. Truly, this has been a great experience for me. I have learned to be more positive because life is too short; we need to live by it to the fullest and enjoy what life has to offer.
     I spent a lot of time searching and searching and looking for the right lady. I was looking for someone who has something in common with me, who shares the same principles and goals in life. She would be accepting of my weaknesses and faults and understanding about life’s conditions.
     And finally, I can say that I am so very much blessed and fortunate to say that I have found my true love! She’s a woman who gives color and meaning to my life. She is very beautiful, sweet and lovely and she’s the lady I am looking for. I am proud of her and so happy she is in my life.
     I am truly grateful because love is wonderful and meaningful when two persons share with it. I believe love is not measured by what we have but by who we really are, our character, our sincere heart that makes love possible. I am so glad to share this great experience that true love conquers all. Don’t mind the hardships and the distance of how far away she is; there’s always a way to make your love affair into reality. Life is full of surprises, because we don’t know what is ahead for us but all are possible if we have a strong desire to make it happen. We just need to listen to our hearts and do what our heart says.
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          To those who are still searching, continue to do it. There is always a special someone and a real love who is destined to each one of  you. You just need to be dedicated and be patient, for love also bears patience. He or she will come to you in the proper time. And most of all, God has designed and prepared your half, you just need to work for it and ask God’s Will and believe that God will provide her or him for you in His perfect timing.
          Thank you so much CB. You are a channel of blessings to the many. More power to your wonderful site. God bless!


THANK YOU- for sharing your Cherry Blossoms Experience! We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of couples meet over the past 41 (!!) years, one couple at a time. We’d love to help you, too!

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