Tips for Meeting Your Overseas Fiancée for the First Time in Person



We here at Cherry Blossoms want you to have a safe fun trip when you go to meet your fiancée or girlfriend.  Going to meet your fiancée or girlfriend for the first time is an exciting time in your life!  We want to give you some advice to help keep the first few meetings safe, enjoyable and as tension-free as possible.


Before you leave:


Always let someone know you’re going to  be travelling. Before leaving on your trip give your family or friends a detailed itinerary of where you’re going and when you will be back. Be sure to provide them with contact information for both your hotel and your fiancée or girlfriend.


We also suggest enrolling in your country’s version of the  Smart Traveller program. (Links below.)


When you get there:


Keep in constant touch with your family and friends through emails and phone calls. This way they will know if something has gone wrong.


When first arriving always take a taxi from the airport to your hotel. You can meet your fiancee at the airport but, until you’re comfortable, don’t get into a private car or allow anyone else to transport your luggage in another vehicle.


Stay at a hotel; it’s like being on neutral ground. Don’t rush things, just take it slow and be safe. Once you’re comfortable with your fiancée and everything is going great then you can relax a little.  


Have fun, but trust your instincts. If something seems off, it probably is. Traveling overseas can be exciting, but it can also be confusing and a little scary. Remember  that there’s a difference in being uncomfortable, and actually being worried about your safety. Always trust your instincts and act responsibly.   


We’re not trying to make you not want to go. You *SHOULD* go, especially if you’re going on the adventure of a lifetime to meet the LOVE of a lifetime.  We just want you to be aware so you can handle the situation just in case something does go wrong.  

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