About Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms is the premier international dating location featuring a rock solid foundation stretching back over FORTY YEARS!

Since its inception in 1974, Cherry Blossoms has helped OVER 250,000 couples find love and marriage!

Originally, Cherry Blossoms was a personals magazine with a global following and has,over time, evolved to becoming a leading presence in the online dating community with over 5,000 marriages occurring per year. This is a fact that no other dating website can boast!

Since we are partnered with an in-house VISA service, it has allowed us to streamline the process of bringing your loved one to the states and, vice versa, by allowing people to visit loved ones overseas. It’s made the process of online dating on an international level so much easier.

This blog is here to educate, entertain, and support you on your road to love, marriage and/or relationships of any kind. Our focus is to help YOU with online dating, dating safety tips, “how to’s” and tutorials on how to use the Blossoms.com site. We also love to share our success stories.

We are currently working on FAQ’s in our immigration and VISA departments of the blog with our aim being to give the very best up to date information on how to most easily connect with your loved one while putting as much of the “power” in your hands.

Knowledge is power and we seek to empower all of you on your way to being with your true love! Let LOVE into your life.

Do let us know if you have any questions regarding this section by emailing our customer service.

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