10 Reasons to Date Asian Women From Foreign Countries


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I see a lot of articles come across my desk, and one of these was the article below. This article has some rather outdated ideas about the Top 10  Reasons to Date Asian Women and I was going to throw it in the trash heap.  

But you know, there is some truth in each one of these 10 reasons.  Take number one for example: Asian women are beautiful!

So, give it a read- your take away might be a little different. You may agree, you may disagree, you might even get a good laugh. Each of us men will be able to see different truths in each of these reasons to date Asian women. Some of us may even find that the Asian women we’re dating have all the reasons mentioned.



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10 Reasons to Date Asian Women From Foreign Countries  

If you are looking for opportunities to date Asian women, you are probably already somewhat jaded with what Western society has to offer. Dating Asian women from foreign countries provides many benefits, not the least of which being that you’ll finally find the girl of your dreams. In case you still have any doubts, here are the top ten reasons for dating Asian women.


  1. Asian women are beautiful. Let’s face it – this is probably one of the biggest draws to an Asian dating site. Asian women are simply gorgeous, from their petite figures, to their flawless complexions, and their silky skin.
  2. Asian women age gracefully. Not only are Asian women beautiful, but your Asian date is also going to stay that way. Asian ladies age gracefully, and their skin won’t reveal such things as excess wrinkles or flaws. Guessing the correct age of an Asian woman is often a challenge.
  3. Asian women are intelligent. Asian women are well-known for their intelligence and education. If you date a Filipina woman, you will find that they are likely fluent in English, as this is taught in school from an early age.
  4. Asian women are kind. When you meet your Asian date, one of the first things you’ll notice about them is that they are very warm and kind. Asian women are selfless and would much rather tend to your needs and listen to you.
  5. Asian women have Christian values. Many Asian women, especially Filipinas, are raised with strong Christian values. This is a great benefit to those who wish to date an Asian woman, as you’ll find that they are honest, trustworthy, and selfless.
  6. Asian women are family-oriented. Also falling in line with  Christian values, Asian women are very family oriented. Much of their culture centers around the family unit. They value commitment above all things, are respectful, supportive, caring, and intensely loyal. To say that Asian women take family seriously would be an understatement. When you marry an Asian girl, it’s for life.
  7. Asian women cook amazing food. We’ve all heard that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If this rings true for you, your Asian date will have no trouble making your heart skip a beat as Asian women are masters in the kitchen. It’s hard to go wrong with Asian cuisine, and the family dinners that you’ll attend will be out of this world!
  8. Asian women are classy. As a general rule, Asian women are very classy in demeanor and appearance. Many of them have an incredible sense of fashion, and their physique is perfect to show off the latest trends.
  9. Asian women provide travel opportunities. If you are dating Asian women in foreign countries, there’s no doubt that you’ll be provided with some pretty incredible travel opportunities. Even if your Asian date decides to relocate to your city, no doubt they will have many family members still at home that will give you both the chance to visit. These trips can present some stunning locales and you’ll experience new culture and traditions.
  10. Asian women are open-minded. If you are dating Asian women with long-term goals in mind, they are likely going to have to make some adjustments. Fortunately, Asian girls are open-minded to new cultures and experiences.  Suffice it to say, Asian women will embrace the unknown if you let them.
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