US Fiancee Visa: How Much Does it Cost?

How much does a US Fiancee Visa Cost?

What does a US Fiance Visa Cost?

Getting your foreign fiancee to the United States is not cheap. It can also seem to be a daunting task with all the government regulations and red tape. Then there is the cost of travel and hotels and medical exams and document prep help. Yikes!

I didn’t mean to scare you, but guess what?

It’s not as scary and impossible as it seems. The rewards of finding and having someone that you love and loves you are worth it.

Step 1: Take a deep breath and relax.

We’re going to break down the fiancee visa process for you, because it happens over the span of several months to a year. This gives you time so you don’t have to pay all the fees at once. Every case is different but there are set steps in the process and set times when money is due.

Step 2: Meet in Person.

Consider tickets, hotel and food. If you haven’t traveled and met your fiancee in person then it’s time to plan and travel to meet. This will be one of the most exciting times for you and your fiancee.
Contact us at Cherry Blossoms so we can give you some information on the documentation you need to save and photos you will need that will make the fiancee visa process smoother down the road.

Step 3: File the I129-F Fiancee Visa Petition.

When you get home from traveling to see your fiancee, it will be time to gather the information needed to send your initial I-129f fiance visa petition to the USCIS. There will be a filing fee of 535.00 dollars sent in with the packet.

Step 4: The Embassy Interview.

The next fee is the embassy fee and it won’t be required for 2-4 months after your initial filing and fiancee visa package approval. This fee is 265.00 dollars.
Another fee required about this time is the medical exam fee of 200-300 dollars. This is for your fiancées medical exam.
Part of the embassy interview expenses may include travel money for food, lodging when going to the embassy for her interview.

Step 5: After Fiancee Visa Approval.

Of course there will be the cost of travel to the USA. This can vary depending on country and how far she has to travel for the interview.
Step 6: Incidentals. Always figure a little extra for the miscellaneous expenses.

There may be other incidental costs that can add up such as postage to send documents between you and your fiancee. This may also include the cost of getting copies of documents from government agencies of any paperwork required you can’t find. You and your fiancee will both need passports if you don’t have them already. If any documents need translated there may be an additional cost.

Should you use a document preparation service for your fiancee visa petition?

If you don’t want to risk petition delays or outright denial, you may want to consider using a visa preparation service. If you are denied, you will have to refile and include filing fees each time.

Cherry Blossoms Visa Service offers a professional, personalized Fiancee Visa preparation service for $695.00. Our Visa Department has a 99.9% success rate and have prepared tens of thousands of petitions for couples all over the world! Even better, we guarantee your fiancee visa approval or your money back.

If you don’t choose to go with a document preparation service, there are a few options. One is an immigration lawyer, but they can be expensive and if your case is straightforward, you may not need one. The other, if you have the time and patience, is doing it yourself.

Recap: Government fees:

565.00 USCIS Filing Fee
265.00 Embassy Fee
200.00-300.00 Medical Exam
Don’t forget the other expenses for travel, lodging and food and other miscellaneous items will have to be budgeted depending on country and how far traveling to embassy.

We know bringing your loved one to the USA on a fiancee visa is not cheap. However, we know that being together in the USA is a positive, life changing experience for the vast majority of our clients. It’s worth it!
Check out who we are and what we offer to help bring your fiancée to the USA.

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