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Cherry Blossoms Friends,


With oil prices at a 10 year low, airline ticket prices are slowly coming down. This is great news for you if you’re looking to save money on a flight to see your lady!


Of course, you’re going to want to plan ahead. A recent study concluded that the best time to book your international flight to Asia (and save the most money) is 160 days in advance.


Additionally, it’s best to purchase tickets well in advance if traveling internationally. If you’re planning on travelling to the United States, it’s recommended you buy 54 days in advance. If you’re looking at traveling to Europe, it’s best to purchase tickets 120 days in advance.


Cherry Blossoms members, if you’re looking at traveling to see your girlfriend or fiancee AND you want to get the cheapest tickets, right now is the right time to book your tickets.





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Tips for Meeting Your Overseas Fiancée for the First Time in Person



We here at Cherry Blossoms want you to have a safe fun trip when you go to meet your fiancée or girlfriend.  Going to meet your fiancée or girlfriend for the first time is an exciting time in your life!  We want to give you some advice to help keep the first few meetings safe, enjoyable and as tension-free as possible.


Before you leave:


Always let someone know you’re going to  be travelling. Before leaving on your trip give your family or friends a detailed itinerary of where you’re going and when you will be back. Be sure to provide them with contact information for both your hotel and your fiancée or girlfriend.


We also suggest enrolling in your country’s version of the  Smart Traveller program. (Links below.)


When you get there:


Keep in constant touch with your family and friends through emails and phone calls. This way they will know if something has gone wrong.


When first arriving always take a taxi from the airport to your hotel. You can meet your fiancee at the airport but, until you’re comfortable, don’t get into a private car or allow anyone else to transport your luggage in another vehicle.


Stay at a hotel; it’s like being on neutral ground. Don’t rush things, just take it slow and be safe. Once you’re comfortable with your fiancée and everything is going great then you can relax a little.  


Have fun, but trust your instincts. If something seems off, it probably is. Traveling overseas can be exciting, but it can also be confusing and a little scary. Remember  that there’s a difference in being uncomfortable, and actually being worried about your safety. Always trust your instincts and act responsibly.   


We’re not trying to make you not want to go. You *SHOULD* go, especially if you’re going on the adventure of a lifetime to meet the LOVE of a lifetime.  We just want you to be aware so you can handle the situation just in case something does go wrong.  

Safety in the Air

Safety in the Air

Hey Everybody,

We have heard from a lot of our Cherry Blossoms members that they will be traveling abroad this year to meet their  girlfriends and fiancées .  I was reading article about thinking safety while in the air.  I, myself, have never been too concerned with where I sat or thinking with safety in mind when on a plane.  This new article from has made me think about it more, and I’d like to share it with you.  


It doesn’t take much to cover these basic items and it’ll give you some peace of mind knowing you’ve done what you can to make your trip safer.  A lot of it is just familiarizing yourself with the plane and knowing where the exit is from where you’re sitting. If (it’s unlikely, but things do happen) something does happen you’ll know what to do when it does .


One of the more important things they mention is keeping your shoes on especially during takeoff and landing.  I have seen a lot of people flying with their shoes off when landing and taking off and it would be impossible to get them on in  emergency.


The article also stresses to pay attention to the flight crew’s instructions in case of emergency. They’re there to help keep you safe.


     It’s also important if you’re taking a flight on a local airline  in another country to check its safety record.   Some of these airlines can have poor safety records and you may be better off choosing a more expensive flight with a better rating.   


Check out this aircraft travel checklist  at this link  staying safe in the air .





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International Travel, Global Entry and You

International Travel, Global Entry, and You!

International Travel, Global Entry, and You!

We know a lot of our members do a lot of international traveling. If you’re one of them, TSA Global Entry may be for you.  A Global Entry membership grants the ability to skip the usual lines when re-entering the United States and can save many hours waiting. This membership is good for a period of 5 years.

Another perk of global entry is that you are automatically entered into the TSA Pre-check. Pre-check is the the expedited security option that gets you through more than a 150 United States airports faster. (Note from one of our staff members: It’s awesome!)

TSA Global Entry requires a $100.00 fee and there is a vetting process which includes an in-person interview, fingerprinting, and a background check. It can be well worth it if you make several overseas trips a year.  Additionally, TSA Pre-Check on its own costs $85.00, so getting both for $100.00 is a great deal.


To find a Global Entry enrollment center, please visit:

To find out more about TSA Pre-Check, please visit


Traveling To Europe or Asia to Meet Your Fiancée? You Can Find Great Travel Deals



If you’re following the news, current events like the Zika virus scare and economic downturns in Europe and Asia could make traveling overseas a lot cheaper. If you plan on traveling to see your girlfriend or Fiancée, then this may be the time to do it.

Here are some tips to get the best prices:

1. Airline ticket prices often vary by the day of the week and time of day. Usually the middle of the week is cheaper than say the weekend.
Expect prices to go up near holidays or busy seasons like Spring Break or Christmas.

2. Be flexible with your routes. It’s sometimes cheaper to take a domestic airline to a “hub city” like Los Angeles or New York and then switching to a foreign airline.

There is a minor downside to this: you may have to switch your luggage yourself. In other words, get it from the baggage carousel and then take it to the new carrier’s check in desk. This can be a small inconvenience, but sometimes the savings can be substantial.

3. Use several travel sites or travel search engines. You may also be able to contact airlines directly or purchase directly from their websites. For instance, if you’re using a site like Expedia or Priceline you may not always find the lowest fare. Do some research before you buy.

4. Sign up for the airline reward programs. No matter how little you fly, it’s worth it to sign up for these programs- many offer free upgrades.

5. Book your flight early. The “sweet spot” for getting the best price while buying your airline tickets is about 6-8 weeks before you’re looking to travel.

Hope these tips help!

By the way, if you’re traveling to meet your Fiancée we have tips that will make getting your Fiancee Visa a much easier process. Please feel free to call us at Cherry Blossoms and we will be happy to go over the Fiancee Visa or Spousal Visa requirements. You can reach us toll free at 800- 322-3267.

Good luck and happy travels!