What Makes a GREAT Personal Ad?

What Makes a GREAT Personal Ad?

How to make your Ad stand out!


When you’re creating your personal ad, you really want to put your best foot forward! After all, you’re looking for someone special, right?
Why do you need a great ad?
The more eyecatching and interesting the ad; the more responses you will get!
Which is more interesting to you?

No photos? Not very excting “hi im lucy lol”




It's so much more fun to have a photo “Hello, I’m Lucy from the Philippines. I like playing checkers, watching scary movies and going to the beach.
I’m super single, but I’d like to meet a very special man of any age from the USA, Europe or Canada to marry and start a family with together.
Are you my soulmate?”


See the difference?
Here’s a few of our favorite tips to make your personal ad shine!


  • Introduce yourself.

Talk about who you are and where you are from. Share some things about yourself with people who are viewing your profile. What do you enjoy doing?  What makes you laugh?  Where would you go on a first date?
Spend some time talking about your work or your hobbies and all the fun things you do when you’re not on-line at Cherry Blossoms.  (If you’re online 24 hours a day, we need to talk!)


  • Talk about what you want and who you want to meet:

Do you want a friendship, casual dating, or a long-term relationship leading to marriage and children? It’s important to share your expectations early on and connect with women that are wanting the same things you are.
Are you looking for someone older, younger? Are you seeking a single Asian woman? Are you looking for someone Russian or Latino? Do you want to meet someone from Thailand, Vietnam or Uzbekistan? Are you open to all ages, races and nationalities? Say so!


  • Make it look good

Use the best spelling, punctuation and grammar you can. Don’t be afraid to spell-check your ad before you post it. If it’s something you really care about, put some time into making it easy and fun to read.
If English isn’t your first language, or you’re looking to meet people who speak another language, like women from Russia or China, don’t be afraid to use a translation tool (like Babelfish or Google Translate) to help you get started. It may not be perfect, but it’s a good start.


  • Too Short or Too Long?

Like Goldilocks and the porridge, it needs to be “just right”! Make sure your ad is descriptive, but not too long. We suggest at least one paragraph, but no more than THREE paragraphs.
If your ad is too short, it won’t tell anything about you. If your ad is too long, people will get bored or overwhelmed and move on. Save the really in-depth stuff for your emails.

  • Put a face to the name

Always put a photo on your Cherry Blossoms personal ad!  This is the single most important thing you can do!   A personal ad with at least one picture will receive AT LEAST ten times more contacts than one without! It should come as no  surprise- you want to know who you’re talking to, don’t you?
Share a little more about your personality and get more emails, chat requests, and smiles in return.
We hope these will help you in your online dating journey and your search for love!


I’ve Met Her- How Do I Bring Her Home?


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Why Limit Yourself? There’s a Whole WORLD of Single Women Looking for YOU.

A Whole World of Single Women are Waiting For YOU!

A Whole World of Single Women are Waiting For YOU!

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Fiancee Visa or Spousal Visa? A Curious Reader Wants to Know

Do you have Questions about the US Fiancee Visa and the US Spousal Visa?

Do you have Questions about the US Fiancee Visa and the US Spousal Visa?

Hi Readers,
Today we’ve got a question from one of our readers about the difference between a US K1 Fiancee Visa and a US K3/CR1 Spousal Visa:

Good day to both of you.. i was looking to ur pics and message here im happy for both of you… i have only few questions on what did u do for the papers after getting married. Because me and my future husband planning to get married here in philippines he is from usa. But we dont have any idea what would be the best thing to do just like the FIANCE VISA or SPOUSAL VISA. Because my future husband wanted to me to come with him go back to usa but he wanted us to get married here in philippines, my main point questions are what do we need to do after our marriage here, what i mean to say what are the steps to process the petition for me?….i hope u have this idea about my problem,,,, and hope you will reply for my concern…

What’s the difference? It could be the difference between seeing your honey in months instead of years.

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