Military Portal – COMING SOON!

We are proud to be an organization that not only understands your needs as a serviceman or woman, as we have been there personally, I in fact served on board the USS Independence in the 90’s and the owners served in The Marine Corps in the 1970’s.

We understand firsthand how it may be difficult at times to not only find companionship, love, friendship and romance, and how even if you do find it, it is traditionally very hard to then take that precious seed and transfer it to an online environment with infrequent visits.

We are geared to this as are our members.  We are beginning an expansion and look forward to being able to bring you the very best service along with a select set of pricing as a way of giving back to you in our own way.


Aloha and we wish you all a safe and happy return to your loved ones, your homes and to US!