Top Asian Dating Misconceptions

The Top Misconceptions About Dating Asian Women


While the idea of dating Asian women is appealing to many men, some just approach the entire enterprise from the wrong perspective. Perhaps it’s a lifetime of being exposed to stereotypes of Asian women in Western movies or other popular culture that forms our beliefs. Regardless, there are many false ideas about Asian dating that are not going to serve your best interests. Here are the top misconceptions about Asian women that could be holding you back.

All Asian Women Are the Same

To lump all Asian women into one class and expect them to be the same is naivety at its best. We don’t expect that Italian women will be the same as German women, or even that someone from California will behave like someone from Wisconsin. All Asian women are not the same. Consider this: Asia includes 51 different countries and a total population of 4.3 billion people. China alone is made up of 23 separate provinces (and 11 other divisions), with as many as 292 languages spoken in the country. These are diverse cultures with very different people and to lump them all together would be a mistake.


Asian Women Are All Submissive

If you are solely interested in Asian dating because you believe that all Asian women are submissive, you may be in for an awakening. Long-standing stereotypes lead Western men to think that the typical Asian woman can be found trailing her man by several paces with her head bowed. While you may be able to find your dream subservient mate if you look long enough, this isn’t today’s reality. Filipina women are known to be intensely loyal as well as headstrong. In China, Shanghainese women are more dominant. Finally, there is a culture in the Yunnan Province in Western China in which the male can be kicked out of the home at any time, and often is at the whim of the female. This isn’t the norm, as what you are more likely to find are polite women who lack some of the drama that Western women tend to exude. Takeaway? Don’t assume anything with regards to Asian women and treat each one as an individual worthy of respect.


All Asian Women Want a Western Man

While Western men are attractive to many Asian women for a variety of reasons, this isn’t universal. A Western man can’t just assume that any Asian woman he runs across is going to fall at his feet. Many Asian women today have come to realize that the grass may not be greener on the other side of the fence. When it comes to money, security is just as important to women in other cultures as it is to yours, so wanting someone who can provide this isn’t a race issue. Even if a majority of Asian women don’t want anything to do with Western men, let’s still do the math. Remember those 4.3 billion people in Asia? If just 25% of the females desired a Western man, you’d have a pool of over a half a billion women as potential mates. Those aren’t bad odds.


Online Asian dating offers willing singles an opportunity to connect and have fun. Your best approach is to ditch the misconceptions about Asian women and simply approach your Cherry Blossoms experience as the adventure it was meant to be.


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Five Simple Tips For Dating Asian Women

5secrets to dating asian women

There’s just something about beautiful Asian women that millions of guys find irresistible.

1. Asian women have this certain strong sexual appeal that gives them an air of glamour and mystery. Their exotic oriental features just add to a combination that a lot of men find irresistible. You may too!

TIP: Take it slow when dating, no matter how sexy she is- Women can get very offended if you bring up sexy talk too soon. You may also be tempted to “rush” into falling in love. Love at first sight CAN happen, but you want to be sure- and you also want to make sure no one gets hurt emotionally.

2. Asian Women tend to be friendlier than Western women. They just smile more and seem happy. The Philippine and Thai women are known for the smiles. Thailand is actually called the land of a thousand smiles.

TIP: While they love to be flirted with, Asian women tend to be shyer but they are quick to open up when you engage them in conversation. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation and flirt a little.

3. Asian women place tremendous value on family and relationships. The right lady will be loyal to you and will do everything and values your relationship, and also to her family and friends.

Be aware that I’m speaking in general terms and that not all Asian women are loyal and committed to the relationship.We suggest you be extremely careful online and NEVER send money to anyone you haven’t met in person. If someone asks you for money, please report them.

TIP: If you’re looking for a serious relationship with a woman who focuses on her family and home, look for a “good girl” type. If a woman asks for money, report her and move on to someone who is sincerely searching for a wonderful relationship.

4. Don’t flirt with her by saying you love Asian women. She wants you to like her for her personality and her style. Think about how it’d sound to her if you just focus on her ethnicity. What if she said, “I just love American men!” and that was it?

TIP: Treat her like the unique person she is. Take some time to get to know her hobbies, what she likes and dislikes. Find out what’s important to her, and find out if you have anything in common.

5. Finally, guys if you’re looking to date Asian women because you’re thinking of the stereotypical Asian women then you’re in for a surprise. You know what I’m talking about- the Asian woman who is submissive and servile and stays out of sight and raises the children. Right now, more and more women from Asia are looking to be equals with men and are attaining college educations and becoming equals in the workplace.

TIP: Be a gentleman, treat women online as you would wish to be treated. It will make a positive difference for both of you.

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