Congratulations on Your 6th Anniversary!

Dear CB Friends,

We love, love, love to see Love Stories like this! Barry and Palmarina are about to celebrate their 6th Anniversary. Here’s the story:

“My wife and I met on Cherry Blossoms. We emailed each other for a year. Things were getting serious so I started calling her. At first it was once a week Then twice a week. Eventually it was at least twice a day every day. The calling lasted for another year. Both of us were convinced that we had the person that God Himself intended for us to have. I visited her three times as we started the paperwork for a fiancee visa.

On August 22nd, 2009, we were married in Branson Missouri USA. Thank you Cherry Blossoms for being there to play such a big part in our destiny.”


Barry & Palmarina S.

Congratulations, Barry & Palmarina! Happy 6th Anniversary and we hope there are many more to come.

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Aloha, CB Staff.


Congratulations to a Happy Couple: John and Martha!

8 Years- Still Happily Married


We love it!



         I purchased a 1 year membership a little more than 9 years ago. I was interested in southeast Asian culture and wanted a pen-pal. I did a web search for pen-pals and hit your site. I used your service to talk to people in the Philippines. I was NOT looking for a wife. On my second sign-in I began a conversation with a young lady from the Pampanga area.  Now more than 8 years later we are still happily married. We used your service to help in the fiancée visa process. I want to say thank you to all the staff and creators of your website and dating service. I never thought a simple interest in other cultures would lead me to finding the love of my life. We both thank God and blossoms every anniversary we share and we continue to be your biggest fans. Thank you all again.”
           John & Martha Y.
           Pittsburgh Pa
           Pampanga Philippines
Congratulations, John & Martha!

YAY! for Mr. and Mrs. Lytle <3


How wonderful is finding love, I don’t think Ill ever be able to answer that question, there aren’t enough words….

And love is the answer that makes the questions go away…

Please enjoy another success…

Hi CB,

Agnes had her interview on Sept. 22nd and it went great!  she had her visa by Saturday and was able to fly back to the US with me.  We’re both very happy together and want to thank you for all the help with the VISA process.  We couldn’t of done it without your help.  Once we get married, we will contact you once again with the Adjustment of Status.  Once again, thanks for the help.

soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Lytle

Are Age Differences a Big Deal?

The answer when it comes to love is up to the couple, what this tips focuses on is how it will impact your VISA!

A petition cannot be denied due solely to age difference. However, the Embassy will deny a petition if the Consular official does not believe it is a valid relationship. When women are very young and there is a large age difference the likelihood of her using the sponsor as way to get to the US greatly increases. It is up to you to prove the validity of the relationship by submitting to the government e-mails with conversations about your lives, phone bills and photos of the two of you together and you with her family. It is also highly recommended that you be at her Embassy interview.


Thanks and Aloha,

US Visa Support Staff

“We married in 1981 and 32 years later still together. Haven’t done anything better than that ever. “

I was curious if you were still around.  I contacted a lady
in the May-June 1979 issue (Vol5. No. 3).  She was on page 21, upper right: Megawati. We married in 1981 and 32 years later still together. Haven’t done anything better than that ever.  Naturally I still have that magazine that began something so important to me.

Dave B.


Hi Dave,

Yes, we’re still here! We’re so thrilled to hear from you and all  of our successful clients.

Congratulations to you and Megawati on 32 years of marriage- WOW!!



CB Staff