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Let’s Get a Few Things Straight: Pen pals, Mail-Order Brides, and Online Dating

No Brides in here!

When it comes to relationships, it’s good to know what you’re getting yourself into and even better to know where you stand as of now. So, let’s get a few things straight!

I’m sure you’ve heard of mail-order brides. Maybe you’ve even been called one before. Or have been accused of wanting one delivered to your door? Well, just a gentle reminder, Cherry Blossoms is NOT a mail-order bride service! We are an online dating service.

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Eight Great Reasons to Date Older Men!

You’re never too old to find love!


Ever think that you’re too old to find love now? Then have we got news for you!

Younger women tend to prefer older men, in nearly every culture, and there’s a rising trend right now of younger guys falling for those refined, mature women!

The reasons for preferring an age difference are many and occur naturally. The idea that it’s ‘weird’ to date someone much older or younger than you has all but disappeared in society, and frankly, if you’re happily in love in your relationship, who cares what others think? They just haven’t caught-on to how much better it is to be with someone older than you!

Here are eight great reasons to date someone older than you:

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Visit Your Cherry Blossoms Sweetheart in the Philippines!

Thinking about taking some vacation time? Tax refunds are getting to people and many of them are using that unplanned money for some fun time off! Or maybe you’re anxious for summer already and are just flat-out tired of all this winter stuff. I know I am. Every time it rains, I’m wishing March were here already and then all the rain freezes on the streets and I get stuck at home where time seems to pass even slower. It’s time to get away.
Do you know what temperature it is in the Philippines? You can check-out what variation of perfect weather they’re having today in Manila to the right of this article. It’s perfect there.

Do you see where I’m going with all this yet? Yeah, you got it. Go visit the Philippines! I’ve done some research and it sounds pretty good. Besides, is there, perhaps, a certain lovely Filipina woman there you’ve been dying to meet in-person? This’d be perfect. Hint, hint!

Here’s some information about the Philippines to help in planning your getaway:

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