Cherry Blossoms: How to Date Online- SAFELY!


Hi Cherry Blossoms Friends!

You have a wonderful chance at dating Asian women or dating a wonderful man when you date online, but it’s important for you to consider your safety online, as well as the safety of your date.

There are vital steps that you should take when you’re online:

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I’ve been asked for money by someone I met online- what do I do?

Yikes! This is a tough one and it’s certainly not something we like to think about. If you’re like the CB Staff, you like to think the best of everyone.

Most people are brought up to never, ever ask for money. It’s just bad manners to go around asking total strangers for money.

Yet, it does happen and we know that it is best to know what to do if you are asked for money, a new computer or any other type of assistance.

These storytellers will usually have a sad story about why they need money.  They have a sick parent, need money for rent, school or visa fees. They might have even say they have been a victim of a terrible crime!

These stories won’t hold up under scrutiny- after all, if they’re so hard up for money, why are they online chatting with you?

What can you do to keep yourself safe from online con artists?

  • Don’t send money to anyone you have not met in person. We cannot stress this enough.


  • Report them to the website administrator. On Cherry Blossoms, you can report a storyteller right from their profile. Be sure to include a copy of any chat logs or emails where they specifically ask you for money or any other type of assistance.


  • Move on. This is the best part! You’ve eliminated an unsuitable match. Romance scammers are such a small part of a dating pool. There are still thousands of times more singles who ARE looking for true love!

Go into your Cherry Blossoms adventure with an open heart, but don’t let storytellers keep you from your goal! Ignore them and focus on the thousands of sincere, loving and happy singles who REALLY DO want to find their partner online.

Three Reasons You Should Always Make a New Email Account for Online Dating

Set up a new email address

Set up a new email address when registering for an online dating website

When you’re setting up a new profile on Cherry Blossoms or any other dating website, you may be  super excited to get started. But before you create a profile on any dating site, take a few minutes to set up a separate email address that’s just for online Dating.
Here’s Three Reasons:

1.  Keep Your Online Dating Separate from Work
Using your work email on a dating site is generally considered a major “party foul”. You’re at work! You should be working, not looking at gorgeous Asian women or handsome single men. Your work email is not considered confidential and you may get into trouble. Many companies will monitor EVERYTHING their employees do using company computers. Besides, you should be able to focus on the important part of online dating: THE FUN PART.
2.  Keeping Your Personal Information Safe
Would you share personal information like your phone number, private email address and where you live with a total stranger? Let’s hope not!  Use the same common sense with your online dating.
Until you know for sure, stay on the Cherry Blossoms website for the first several contacts. Then give anyone you are interested in your  “dating email address” only.
3.  Make Sure You Get Your Cherry Blossoms Site Mail!
Without a valid email address, you will not get all your email notifications, smiles, updates and other important things, like password reminders.  To fully enjoy any online dating site, you need to send and receive lots of mail. The more contacts you make, the better chance you have at finding “the one” for you!
If finding a mate is really important to you, you’ll want to be sure to be able to get all of your mail and keep track of who you’re writing to and who is writing to you. Cherry Blossoms sends our members new mail notifications and copies of messages- but that only works if you’ve signed up with a working email!
There are many email providers, such as Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail, who offer free email addresses.
Take 10 minutes to set up a new email address. Keep safe and have fun!