How to Tell If He’s Serious About You…and What to Do If He Isn’t

If you’re a woman looking for love online, especially on a site like Cherry Blossoms, you’re serious. Seriously looking for love. Maybe even looking to get married and have a family.

Am I right?

With the thousands of men out there who are looking for a woman, it can take time. How do you find a man who is right for you? Is he serious?

It’s not all about presents and expensive dates.

  • He wants to know all about you! What’s your favorite color? Favorite flavor of ice cream? What are your hopes and dreams.
  • He listens to you– He remembers little things about your conversations. You can come to him when you’re feeling down
  • He’s open and honest with you. The other side of him listening to you, is that he’s willing to share things about himself: things he loves, situations he’s going through, and asks for your opinion and thoughts.
  • He wants to be exclusive. He’s done playing around and dating. He’s found someone special and wants to make it “official”. He’s telling the other girls he’s with you and wants the other guys to know you’re with him!
  • He talks about the future and uses “we”. “I can’t wait to see you! We’ll go and do lots of fun things together.”

What do you do if he’s not serious?

Don’t give up hope! For each man who isn’t sincere, there are thousands of men who ARE serious about building a relationship with a special woman. You might have to work your way through, but when you finally find the right one, it will be worth it!

Serious note: If he asks you for money, for any reason, HE IS NOT SERIOUS about finding a relationship. Report him to the website administration immediately.

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  1. im looking a right man ,true love,he marry me and he love me and he live me till the rest of my life

  2. I am from Indonesia, I have tried to join cherry blossom but it’s difficult to find serious man.

  3. I hope that i can find true love and serious relationship .

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  5. Looking a lifetime partner…im 23 years old single

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  7. Want to have sole mate and or a relationship that will lead to a future life partner, am a widow.

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