Be Careful When Dating Online- It Can Happen to Anyone!

The internet can be an indispensable resource in the search for true love and happiness. It
opens so many doors, presents otherwise impossible life pathways, and brings people  together that would have never found each other without it.

These doorways, however, also let in people with less innocent motives. There are people out there that wish to steal from and use others through the internet. They are clever and never straight-forward about their intent to do you harm. We’re here with a reminder to help you protect yourself from falling prey to an internet dating scam by keeping you
informed of some of the methods used by scammers.

You may have heard about what the news is referring to as the ‘dead girlfriend hoax’ involving a very well-known college football player, Manti Te’o, and his fake girlfriend. Some of what happened has only recently been put together by the media. There is a timeline of the events compiled by ABC news that I’ll provide a link to below, in case you are curious of the exact details.

Basically, an elaborate fake online identity was created of a beautiful, athletic, Polynesian woman. Someone used this fake profile, this made-up girl, to develop a very close relationship with a successful, young college football player. This serves to show that scams like this can happen to anyone.

The biggest sign of a scam is if they ask you for money. While there are some appropriate times to help loved ones with money-related problems these very seldom happen and, if they do, sending money over the internet isn’t at all necessary. Be very skeptical of requests for money.

Never, ever give money to either a man or a woman that you have never met in-person. Even if they promise to pay it back. If they ask you for money, it is most likely a scam.

There is a common phrase, ‘if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.’ A super-model that likes exactly what you like, and is interested only in your happiness, is unrealistic.

People sometimes create fake profiles. It isn’t always for money. Sometimes, it’s just for attention or sympathy. Making up stories of extreme bad luck to get sympathy from you, getting you emotionally invested in a lie, and then asking you to help by sending or lending them money is something that’s done also.

Be wary of vague, personality-less profiles and deny requests for help with money, but also remember that it doesn’t hurt to just talk to someone.

Editor’s Note: Be sure to report ANYONE asking for Money to the website administration IMMEDIATELY. We need your help to keep Cherry Blossoms safe from scams!

There are so many people out there that are searching for their perfect match online…Searching for you!
Never feel discouraged. Never give up.

Give Love a Chance. Not Money.

For more information on the Manti Te’o Story:

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  1. There maybe harm in taking the risk for something.But remember that there can also be regrets in doing nothing.

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