Visit Your Cherry Blossoms Sweetheart in the Philippines!

Thinking about taking some vacation time? Tax refunds are getting to people and many of them are using that unplanned money for some fun time off! Or maybe you’re anxious for summer already and are just flat-out tired of all this winter stuff. I know I am. Every time it rains, I’m wishing March were here already and then all the rain freezes on the streets and I get stuck at home where time seems to pass even slower. It’s time to get away.
Do you know what temperature it is in the Philippines? You can check-out what variation of perfect weather they’re having today in Manila to the right of this article. It’s perfect there.

Do you see where I’m going with all this yet? Yeah, you got it. Go visit the Philippines! I’ve done some research and it sounds pretty good. Besides, is there, perhaps, a certain lovely Filipina woman there you’ve been dying to meet in-person? This’d be perfect. Hint, hint!

Here’s some information about the Philippines to help in planning your getaway:

English is widely spoken so there’s no big need to learn a new language! But, in case you’re curious, the Tagalog dialect is the official national language. It would be fun to learn a bit of this, though. Impress your Filipina beauty by speaking her language, connect by trying to learn it from her, or at least end up looking adorable as you mispronounce everything in an effort to!

•It’s not too costly. Ticket prices are very reasonable and aren’t as high as what other international trips would run. Especially, when you factor in the cost of food and lodging because accommodations in the Philippines are cheap. Roundtrip flights from Los Angeles (LAX) or San Francisco (SFO) to Manila (MNL) are around $1k and will be dropping a little as we get closer to spring and summer. If Manila isn’t where you want to end up, don’t worry! Island hopping once you’re there is easy and inexpensive.

Accommodations are all on-par and range anywhere from economy to luxury standards. There are multiple types of alternate shelter establishment options such as hostels and the like. There’s even a Homestay Program run by the Department of Tourism that’s also a possibility. Be sure and ask your Cherry Blossom lady friends for recommendations!

•The official currency in the PI is the peso. Though some credit cards are accepted internationally. Also, on a side note, tipping is greatly appreciated and is done at about 10% of the bill.

Transportation is no biggie.Everybody is going somewhere and so, you can go anywhere! There are tons of options when it comes to transportation. If traveling by air, there are many airlines operating out of the Philippines to choose from. On a local level, there are traditional taxis. Another, cheaper way of getting around is by bus or jeepney. Traveling by Jeepney sounds like fun. You’ve got to try that!

Manila Style Jeepney, image courtesy of

No visa needed to visit. As long as you are an American citizen staying less than 21 days and have a return ticket home, you don’t require a visa to visit the Philippines. You do, however, need a valid passport! But, that’s it.

•Casual, light clothing is encouraged. The weather there is hot from March through May, rainy from June to October, and is typically cooler between November and February.

Common destinations include Manila, Cebu, Davao, Clark, Subic, and Laoag. Cebu is really popular to visit right now and is a nice, romantic getaway compared to bustling Manila.

•Crime’s not a huge issue in the Manila. Just like in any big city with underpaid police, don’t flash your valuables around for pickpockets to steal and be wary of strangers buying you drinks if you’re alone. Common sense is a good thing to bring along when traveling anywhere.

•Night life in Manila is something else! Love for music is strong and runs deep. And the food’s a mix of everything good. It’s something that you’re just going to have to try!

Filipino culture is very beautiful and vibrant. Family is important. Appreciation for spirit
and sincerity is a focus. The western idea that Asian women are meek doormats is bogus.
Anyone who believes that has obviously never met a Filipina girl! (Don’t worry. Be respectful and you’ll be just fine!)

•As for the very basics, I’d really like to add that in the bigger cities like Manila and Cebu, the water is safe to drink. Bottled water is available, though, if you’re not sure. If you feel that the water is questionable where you’re at, remember not to use ice cubes or water that hasn’t come to a boil when preparing food either. But, generally, most tourist areas are fine.

It’s not like Mexico, where drinking the tap water anywhere but on the resort will make you
sick over your whole vacation. Or Europe, where it’s just wiser to drink mineral water for
whatever reason. Also, on a different subject, many of the hotels have the standard 110-volt outlets but usually they’re 220 volt ones.

Double-check your travel details as you make them as some things are different in certain areas in the Philippines and it’s always worth-while to be well-prepared. Most of all though, have fun, enjoy the culture, and sweep her off her feet with your charm, world-traveler wit, and daring!

Paalam! (Goodbye!) and Ingat sa byahe! (Have a good trip!)

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Editor’s Note- If you’re going to the Philippines and think she might be THE ONE, give us a call to find out how the Cherry Blossoms Visa Department can help you bring your mahal to the USA.

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