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Editor’s Note: We’ve had so many people ask us HOW, we’ve had our lovely writer create a guide, just for you!


  • Enter your first name, email address, create a password, and select which gender you are
  • Next, start creating your FREE PROFILE. Confirm your gender and first name. Enter your birthdate. There’s no need to be dishonest about how old you are but you do, legally, need to be over 18.
  • Confirm your email address and password. If you do not have an email address, you can set one up easily and for free through many sites. You will need one.
  • Select which country you are in from the drop-down menu, list your state or province and city.
  • Click to continue.


For step 2, you get to share some details about yourself.

  • Select your eye color, hair color, height, and weight.
  •  List whether or not you drink or smoke.
  • Do you have children?
  •  What level of education did you reach? Describe your job, or field of employment.
  • What’s your nationality; where are you from?
  • To help people with similar beliefs and interests find you, enter your race, religion, and marital status.
  • Share some about yourself in a few short paragraphs. Try not to get too carried away with this, but be sure to give people something to start a conversation with! Talk about things like hobbies, your goals in life, what you are looking for in a wife/husband, and your favorite movies or books. DO NOT share any private information, like your phone number or address.
  •  Read and accept the terms and conditions (legal stuff).

BAM! Your profile is created! =D

After this, you can upload pictures of yourself. Profiles with pictures get more attention. This is because having a photograph of yourself on your profile helps to prove what you look like. Make sure the photo is current or accurate to how you appear now. Posting pictures from 20 years ago isn’t honest.

Also, a safety tip: avoid and report profiles that are trying to pass off celebrity
pictures as themselves.

Meet Singles Online! Start by sending a smile!

Send smiles! =) Search other Cherry Blossoms profiles for beautiful Chinese women, lovely Filipinas, find special someone in Thailand, and more. You can even get personalized matches if the task of going through our 80,000+ member profiles gets too overwhelming.

Once you do find a few profiles you can get someone’s attention by messaging them or sending a smile. From there, you can use Cherry Chat or our Video chat with them and officially begin online dating and getting to know them!

That’s it for your new member’s guide to dating Asian women online. Starting a profile on Cherry Blossoms’ worldwide personals and social networking site is a FREE and quick way to meet that special someone and find the true love that’s out there, sitting in front of a computer, waiting to fall for your smile!

Best of Luck in Life and Love!

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