Which Direction Are You Pointed In? Thoughts for Asian Dating Success


Which Direction are You Pointed?

Hi Friends,

Well, it’s an interesting question to ask ourselves…

We have found that by just doing what everyone else is doing, we have developed the habit of talking and thinking about what we do not want in life, and we seem to forget what our Grandfathers taught us.

I can still remember my Grandfather, we called him Poppy, he said; “Son, you better be careful about what you ask for, because you might just get it.”

What he was saying is, whatever we think about the most, we will get.

If you focus on Pure & Positive Love, you will find that. Keep in mind too, that there are many different kinds of love. If you notice you are not finding the kind of love you want, then take a sincere look at what your beliefs are, founded or unfounded, you will get them every time.

We suggest to take 10 or 15 minutes before logging onto Cherry Blossoms and get a really good stream of pure and positive thoughts about the kind of woman you’d love to meet. If you do this enough, we can guarantee you will find her.

Aloha from

CB Mike

and the CB Staff

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