Your Wedding Should Be Fun- Let Us Handle the Visa.

So you’re starting to think about, and talk about, getting married to your foreign Sweetheart…

WOW, that’s Wonderful!

This is such an exciting time for both of you!

We want you to be able to enjoy this experience without having to wonder or worry about your Fiancee or Spousal Visa paperwork.

Our team of Visa Specialists are here to make your Visa Journey a lot easier. We have successfully completed THOUSANDS of Visa petitions, and we’d like to share our experienced, friendly, professional service with you and your loved one.

Believe it or not, this great service is incredibly affordable. Prices start at just $159!

Your approval is GUARANTEED, or your money back.

Please call us at 1.877.907.8472 for a 100% Free Fiancee or Spousal Visa Consultation!

You can also contact our Visa Department by email at:

This is the most common question we hear:
“How do I get her here in the fastest way possible?”

The answer is, “Do the Paperwork right the 1st Time.”
This is why Cherry Blossoms has a 100% Guarantee! Your US Visa Petition will be approved, or your money back. Guaranteed.

There is no Magic Potion, no one has some “Special Contact” at the US Embassy- Just do it right the first time!

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