Why Does She Like Me So Much?

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Why Does She Like Me?


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  1. I am just one of those who seek true love from older men in foreign countries through dating sites. I am 32 years old and by luck or by chance, never ever had the opportunity to experience being a special girl in a man’s life. No one seems to find me attractive…not even from my fellow citizens of the Philippines. I found myself, one day, joining this kind of sites to try my luck if ever someone very far from me is just waiting here. But, a year had passed, still I got no response from anyone. Thus, I believe that I am not a wife or even a girlfriend material.
    Well, I must not lose hope and give up so easily. I may not have the looks to let them turn their heads but I am keeping my faith that someday, someone is gonna find my sincerity. Someone who is not looking for a girl with the perfect smile coz I don’t have a perfect teeth. Someone who will embrace the fact that I am a simple woman who never wants my nails polished, I don’t wear too tight clothes, very short parts. Maybe, someday, this man I will meet along my way…

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