International Online Dating

International Online Dating

Why would you start a relationship with someone that is thousands of miles away?

A Beautiful Asian WomanFirst and foremost, meeting someone from another country and culture is exciting. Finding out how  much you have in common can be surprising. Realizing that you have some differences can be intriguing and alluring. You may also find that many of your conventional dating techniques are not useful. You are not taking her to dinner and a movie. You are sitting in your home or office, talking to her online and possibly seeing her with a webcam.

Getting to know someone online can actually be easier. You are focused on your conversations, her replies, her smile, her laugh. You are not trying to talk to her in a bar scene, or even over dinner. You can have her undivided attention and vice versa. Surprisingly, you actually can get to know someone better online than you do in person. There are not as many distractions.

Being able to hold her hand or kiss her good night is important. Yet, seeing her in her own environment on good days and bad is also extremely important. With a webcam, you are able to see her whenever you want. You can meet her family, watch her laugh and get to know her smile and her sense of humor. In other words, get to know her on a more intimate level.

Once you have spent some real time talking with each other, getting to know one another, you begin to feel comfortable and excited. Comfortable because you know this woman; excited because she is exactly what you have been looking for!

Now the real adventure begins! You begin planning your trip to visit her in person. Maybe you are a world traveler and you have been out of the country many times; maybe you have never left the United States. Either way, you are going to meet a woman that you have spent many hours getting to know, falling in love with and realizing you do not want to live without!

Before you ever leave home, you are already ahead of the game. Why? Because you know what you want. You have focused on this woman and her family, you have spent the time it takes to get to know her and now you are travelling to her country to see where she lives, how she lives and whether there is the physical attraction that you believe there is. Your relationship is already on a more solid foundation than many of your previous “in-person” relationships.

Lastly, when it is all said and done, your international online relationship is probably less expensive too. Until you go to meet her, your expenses have been next-to-nothing. You are not wining and dining her. You may have purchased a webcam for her and a membership with Cherry Blossoms, Inc., but other than that, you have not spent any money. So, for the price of a round trip ticket and hotel room, you are now on your way to meet the woman of your dreams!

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  1. I am inspired when I read this blog. I have been going in and out from CB after sometime when no one seems to notice me. Like everybody else I am in search for true love on line whom other people believed as a desperate move…Hehehe…I often wonder if someone is really here for me…Well, I still have my lifetime to wait for him to find me…and everything here written will also happen in my life.

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  4. honestly cherry blossom site is big help to woman/men who would like to seek lasting love that lead for marrieds,so many of friends that member here was lucky married foreigner and they are success and happy there lives together with there partner, but on my side so badly not good result i was meet someone from texas last july 2010 then we start more knowing tell we decide to met in person on sept2010,I was thought my search was end and im one most luckiest woman i found him he is a such good quality of man that woman needs.i cant ask no more because all i need i found from him .but after the proposal of marriages i was too much high expectation that our relationship goes into reality as husband/wife ,this the moment in my life make me so much excited finally i have husband i have own family i can call. never think any negative thought all in my mind was positive ,im very honest faithful loyal devoted on him and my life goes around everyday in fitness gym and go home to talk my fiance i never goes around i more on stay in home than im going out have fun in my friends every i go out go any were i need to ask permission before i do things , i treat him already as my husband with my full respect even he is far but never cheat i always put on my mind im married person not available we are very closed open to each other not shy ,im not think any negative thought about our papers after we done submit to home land security i was more excited cant wait that my papers was approve sometime i feel impatient because of im eager want him not want to be apart.. but all my high expectation goes like a bad dream that never come true .he is slowly changes and a lot of thing i found from him while i wait the approval of my petition , i start doubting that he is hide me a lot of thing behind my back , maybe i was found it coz of my sincerity faithful prayer that God guide me give sign about his deep intention about me ,wen i met him in person we stay in condo for 11 days that time we are together i felt so inlove more with him i trust his promise and believe his words i give my whole heart so deeply and so easy with him never think im going to hurts and broken in our relationship , our problem was start wen there someone interrupt with us she is making a lot of story both of us that me and my fiance was fight for being insecure and feel too much love to him i cant control my jealous .its make our relationship worse till im one who give up cant take anymore the story i heard about him , i have fault also because im so rushing believe in other too , but on his action make me believe that all i heard true ,its so bad experience in life that there someone tried to attempt my life and i got mentally abuse my family could so worried that im going nervous break down cant recover on it coz i cant eat and cant sleep that time its take like a almost month .. i was not expect that my simple wish to have life time partner want to be happy marrieds to foreigner goes into like hell this my experience could not forget ever ,i got petition approval from home land security in usa but i was refused not continue because of that situation.. for better solution that i have peaceful life i give up now im back on cherry blossoms site again hoping and keeping more my faith that i can met my reality and lasting love .. someone who could sincere honest that can love me as who i am i will love him for rest of life give everything and my devotion love be a faithful wife better person , i know and i believe that not all guy was like in my past i believe that there a few people member on your website was true seeking wife not to play game . thank you a lot for the owner , staff of cherry blossoms site you help so much people lives that there dream was come true they are happy complete .. i was keep more pray to your website that God make it strong a lot blessing so u could continue to your mission help someone who would be sincere and honest true in there intention for seeking true love …

  5. All i say here more to all the member of cherry we are more thankful to owner ,staff for there great nice opportunity to offer both of us specially in woman side because we are so lucky that cherry blossoms site give us free membership because in other dating sites they offer only 1 month free then you need pay after you expire but here is free this big help of woman side specially to woman could not afford to pay monthly membership and she is serious sincere honest seeking life time partner for married and we need to return to there goodness both of us ,with our heartily support and pray to our Heavenly Father that he give more blessing of cherry blossoms site was stand strong forever and we pray that a lot of guy will be more be a member and they are believe have faith that cherry blossoms site could be there bridges to meet there future wife and to complete there happiness joy ,i hope your website was continue to help more people serious sincere honest good intention who would like to get marrieds foreigner … thank you and more power to cherry blossoms site mabuhay po kaayo

  6. hi,
    i am happy to become a member of your website… i already heard so many good things in you….how i wish to be one of those…thank you so much…

  7. hi, i am happy to be here its my first here so i hope that i found a handsome prince here at this dating site!

  8. i hope can we find a honest and good man in life…

  9. Hi im so much excited to meet someone older my age to be his lifetime partner in sickness and in not after of good looking what is important is to be loyal loving and respectful relationship.i believe if thereis love everthing goes 48 yrs old but very willing to submit as love dictates

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