Cherry Blossoms: How to Date Online- SAFELY!


Hi Cherry Blossoms Friends!

You have a wonderful chance at dating Asian women or dating a wonderful man when you date online, but it’s important for you to consider your safety online, as well as the safety of your date.

There are vital steps that you should take when you’re online:

  • First, always use your best judgement as you communicate with people online. You are in total control of the Asian dating experience you have online!
  • Be sure that you never share any personal information with anyone you don’t know. Whenever you are online, whether you’re on a dating site or not, don’t give out any bank info or credit card numbers. Feel free to remain anonymous as long as you need to, until you are both comfortable with the blossoming relationship. Don’t tell people where you live or your phone number. Be sure that you know someone well before you ask her – or she asks you – for your address, if you or she would like to send a gift to the other. Use a reputable site to meet women, and not a site that will allow any personal information to be revealed or linked to you personally.
  • Never send money to people you may meet online, especially not by using a wire transfer. Scammers commonly ask people to use a wire transfer, such as Western Union, to send them money, because there is little chance that you’ll be able to get it back, when you discover what has happened.
  • Avoid people who might ask right away to chat on a different messaging service or outside email. Many scammers will try to lead you off an online dating site in order to ask for money. If you notice that someone is no longer on the site, but returns with a different name, avoid them.
  • It’s wise not to access your dating site account from a shared or public computer, where others might later be able to check the history of the sites viewed. Disable any auto-sign features that will log you in without your password, in case someone else uses the computer after you.

Online Asian dating doesn’t need to be fraught with problems! Be sure to use a site that is recognized by the better Business Bureau, and that has an excellent rating there. This will assure you that the site you choose will be a safe and secure environment in which to meet someone who may become very important to you. Report anything suspicious to the site administrator, by using “Report Abuse” or by emailing us at, if you have worries or doubts.

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