Be Careful When Dating Online- It Can Happen to Anyone!

The internet can be an indispensable resource in the search for true love and happiness. It
opens so many doors, presents otherwise impossible life pathways, and brings people  together that would have never found each other without it.

These doorways, however, also let in people with less innocent motives. There are people out there that wish to steal from and use others through the internet. They are clever and never straight-forward about their intent to do you harm. We’re here with a reminder to help you protect yourself from falling prey to an internet dating scam by keeping you
informed of some of the methods used by scammers.

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I’ve been asked for money by someone I met online- what do I do?

Yikes! This is a tough one and it’s certainly not something we like to think about. If you’re like the CB Staff, you like to think the best of everyone.

Most people are brought up to never, ever ask for money. It’s just bad manners to go around asking total strangers for money.

Yet, it does happen and we know that it is best to know what to do if you are asked for money, a new computer or any other type of assistance.

These storytellers will usually have a sad story about why they need money.  They have a sick parent, need money for rent, school or visa fees. They might have even say they have been a victim of a terrible crime!

These stories won’t hold up under scrutiny- after all, if they’re so hard up for money, why are they online chatting with you?

What can you do to keep yourself safe from online con artists?

  • Don’t send money to anyone you have not met in person. We cannot stress this enough.


  • Report them to the website administrator. On Cherry Blossoms, you can report a storyteller right from their profile. Be sure to include a copy of any chat logs or emails where they specifically ask you for money or any other type of assistance.


  • Move on. This is the best part! You’ve eliminated an unsuitable match. Romance scammers are such a small part of a dating pool. There are still thousands of times more singles who ARE looking for true love!

Go into your Cherry Blossoms adventure with an open heart, but don’t let storytellers keep you from your goal! Ignore them and focus on the thousands of sincere, loving and happy singles who REALLY DO want to find their partner online.

Why Limit Yourself? There’s a Whole WORLD of Single Women Looking for YOU.

A Whole World of Single Women are Waiting For YOU!

A Whole World of Single Women are Waiting For YOU!

Finding someone has never been easier! With the advent of the Internet, you can communicate and date with women all over the world. Nowadays, email and instant messaging make it so much easier to really get to know someone, even if they’re half a world away!

Why would you want to look that far?

We all know it takes two to be happy. Why limit your search to just your small town, the bar scene or the local Walmart?

Keep reading to see why Cherry Blossoms is the Oldest and Still the BEST!

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Hey! We’re Still Here!

Hey Readers,

Phew! We know, it’s been a long time since our last update. We apologize!

It’s been a looong summer for our blogging team, which is part of our marketing team, which…uhh.. you get the idea.

Anyhow, we love ya! And we are looking for more things to blog about. We want to have wonderful conversations with our members, because, let’s face it, you’re rad. Write to us, otherwise, it’s going to be more ways to protect yourselves from scams, internet safety, cool things about Cherry Blossoms, random facts ALL THE WAY THROUGH TILL CHRISTMAS.

Then again, that might not be so bad.


What do you think, readers?




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