How to Find the “Right One”–on Cherry Blossoms!

Hi Everyone!

This is CB Staff member, Lani. We hope you’re having a great Holiday Season! Our staff receives a lot of mail from both men AND women asking us to help them find the “Right One”.

Find Love on Cherry Blossoms!

We can’t just say, “This person is the right one for you, here you go!” Only YOU know who will be the Right One for you. You know things that we don’t, like:

  •  What kind of person you’d like to meet (older, younger, traditional, religious)
  • What you’d really like to see in other people (personality, hobbies)


 What can YOU do?


1)Write a great personal ad. Tell your future partner about yourself, and the kind of person you’re searching for. It doesn’t need to be long, but it should be more than just a few words.

 Example: “I’m a happy, healthy person. I’ve never been married and do not have children. I enjoy scary movies, romantic outings, and dancing. Some of my hobbies include: hiking, cooking, and spending time with my family.

“I want to meet someone who is happy and healthy, too! I don’t smoke, and would like it if you didn’t either. I’d love it if we shared some hobbies. What’s your favorite movie?”

 2)Upload a great photo. Smile at the camera! Have at least ONE good quality photo.

Here are some good examples:

An example of what a good profile photo should look like.


Here’s another sample.

Keep photos clean! Remember, your photo is how you make a first impression online, so no nudity, no rude gestures, nothing too provocative.





3)Be active on Cherry Blossoms! It’s best if you can log in daily, but logging in is not enough. Engage other members! Send emails and smiles and invite people to chat. Respond to every email, even if it’s just to say, “Thanks for writing to me!”

4)Be willing to move on. Let’s face it, not everyone is going to be a perfect fit for you. If there’s no match, or if they don’t reply to your messages, it’s OK to keep searching. The important thing is to keep your end goal in mind- Don’t give up!


I hope these tips will help you find your love on Cherry Blossoms. It may take time to find someone you love, but it will be worth the wait when you DO find the Love of a Lifetime.

International Online Dating

International Online Dating

Why would you start a relationship with someone that is thousands of miles away?

A Beautiful Asian WomanFirst and foremost, meeting someone from another country and culture is exciting. Finding out how  much you have in common can be surprising. Realizing that you have some differences can be intriguing and alluring. You may also find that many of your conventional dating techniques are not useful. You are not taking her to dinner and a movie. You are sitting in your home or office, talking to her online and possibly seeing her with a webcam.

Getting to know someone online can actually be easier. You are focused on your conversations, her replies, her smile, her laugh. You are not trying to talk to her in a bar scene, or even over dinner. You can have her undivided attention and vice versa. Surprisingly, you actually can get to know someone better online than you do in person. There are not as many distractions.

Being able to hold her hand or kiss her good night is important. Yet, seeing her in her own environment on good days and bad is also extremely important. With a webcam, you are able to see her whenever you want. You can meet her family, watch her laugh and get to know her smile and her sense of humor. In other words, get to know her on a more intimate level.

Once you have spent some real time talking with each other, getting to know one another, you begin to feel comfortable and excited. Comfortable because you know this woman; excited because she is exactly what you have been looking for!

Now the real adventure begins! You begin planning your trip to visit her in person. Maybe you are a world traveler and you have been out of the country many times; maybe you have never left the United States. Either way, you are going to meet a woman that you have spent many hours getting to know, falling in love with and realizing you do not want to live without!

Before you ever leave home, you are already ahead of the game. Why? Because you know what you want. You have focused on this woman and her family, you have spent the time it takes to get to know her and now you are travelling to her country to see where she lives, how she lives and whether there is the physical attraction that you believe there is. Your relationship is already on a more solid foundation than many of your previous “in-person” relationships.

Lastly, when it is all said and done, your international online relationship is probably less expensive too. Until you go to meet her, your expenses have been next-to-nothing. You are not wining and dining her. You may have purchased a webcam for her and a membership with Cherry Blossoms, Inc., but other than that, you have not spent any money. So, for the price of a round trip ticket and hotel room, you are now on your way to meet the woman of your dreams!

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