Fiancée Visa 2015 Income Requirements


If you’re a US Citizen and you’re considering bringing your overseas fiancee to the US, here are a few things you may want to keep in mind while filing for a fiancee visa:

  • You (the U.S. citizen/petitioner) must have a stable income and must meet 125% of HHS (US Department of Health and Human Services) requirements to apply for a fiancee visa. Your income must be from US sources.
  • If you are on active duty in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard, and you are sponsoring your spouse or minor child, you need to have an income of 100 percent of the Federal HHS requirements for your household size.
  • If you do not meet the minimum requirements for income, you may need to have a co-sponsor to bring your fiancee to the USA.

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We’re Married!




A big thank you to the staff at Cherry Blossoms for getting us through the immigration process and helping my wife to come and be with me in America.  We both appreciate all your efforts along the way in making this dream come true.  We couldn’t have done it without you.  You made the whole process easy for us and did everything in your power to give us success.  Feel free to post our positive comments about Cherry Blossoms on your website as I would recommend to anyone going through the immigration process to use your company.

Thanks again,

Christine and David W.


Congratulations, CB Friends! We wish you the very best in your new lives together!

Ever Wonder What to do AFTER You’ve Gotten Your US Fiancee Visa?

Hi CB Friends!

Just wanted to let you know our sister company has posted a blog entry about what to do after your Fiancee Visa is approved.

Are there weird rules? Regulations? Is there a time limit?

There are!

Visit them at: for the whole scoop and some great information about the Fiancee Visa Process and everything that comes after that!

All about the US Fiancee Visa Process!

Hi Readers,

We know a lot of you have questions about US Fiancee and Spousal Visas and maybe even about getting a US Green Card.

Well, we know who can help!

Our friends at (formerly the CB Visa Department) are your Ultimate, Go-To resource. With years of experience and thousands of happy clients, you can’t go wrong!

Visit their site: or start by reading this excellent blog post about the US Fiancee Visa process: