Another Successful Match!

Happily Engaged Couple Gary & Wilma

Happily Engaged Couple Gary & Wilma

Dear Blossoms,

You can add another successful match to your score card. I proposed to Wilma D. on Corrigedor Island in the Philippines on February 18, 2009 and the proposal was accepted. (Proposal Picture attached). Wilma will be arriving in San Francisco next Sunday June 28, 2009. We are hoping to be married next spring.

Gary L.

Dear Gary & Wilma,

Congratulations on your engagement! We’re so happy for you both! We’d love to hear from you when you get married 😀

How Did You Meet Each Other?

I am interested in how couples found each other. Tell me your story.

Did you meet each other in college? Blind-date? Through friends or family?

Were you looking for someone, or did it just happen fairly by chance?

I find successful couple stories fascinating, encouraging and fun!

Personally, my husband was actually engaged to someone else when

I met him. Our children now tease me that I was a “home wrecker.”

Not entirely true. I actually knew the woman he was engaged

to before I met him! Quite a story……and yet all true!

Add a comment and let me hear your story; real life is so often more interesting than fiction!

Just One of Our Success Stories

Everyday, our team receives letters from our happy customers! Today we’d like to share the lovely photo and kind letter from Maria and Sverre.

Maria & Sverre- A Happy Cherry Blossoms Couple

Maria & Sverre- A Happy Cherry Blossoms Couple

Hi Cherry Blossom

Thank you for helping me finding a very nice,serious, kind and warmhearted woman. Maria from Rio……. Now we are married, living in  Norway.

We send you hereby a little picture from our wedding in Spain 15.15.2009

Maria & Sverre

Maria & Sverre, Congratulations and our very best wishes on your new life together as man and wife!