What Do Asian Women Want?


Hi Friends,

Do you ever wonder what women are thinking when it comes to the kind of man they’re looking for?

“I’m dreaming of the kind of man I want to meet… he’s a man who is kind and caring. A man who is excited to have a loyal, happy and healthy woman in his life, and I hope it’s me.”

We find that most of the women on Cherry Blossoms are not looking for Tom Cruise, or Tom Selleck, or Brad Pitt, they are looking for a good man who is looking for a good woman.

There are over 35,000 women just like this woman on Cherry Blossoms looking for a kind man.

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Best wishes of Health, Happiness and Love, CB Staff.
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Which Direction Are You Pointed In?


Which Direction are You Pointed?

Hi Friends!

Which direction are you pointed in? Well, it’s an interesting question to ask ourselves…

We have found that by just doing what everyone else is doing, we have developed the habit of talking and thinking about what we do not want in life, and we seem to forget what our Grandfathers taught us.

I can still remember my Grandfather, we called him Poppy, he said; “Son, you better be careful about what you ask for, because you might just get it.”

What he was saying is, whatever we think about the most, we will get.

If you focus on Pure & Positive Love, you will find that. Keep in mind too, that there are many different kinds of love. If you notice you are not finding the kind of love you want, then take a sincere look at what your beliefs are, founded or unfounded, you will get them every time.

We suggest to take 10 or 15 minutes before logging onto Cherry Blossoms and get a really good stream of pure and positive thoughts about the kind of woman you’d love to meet. If you do this enough, we can guarantee you will find her.

Aloha from

CB Mike

and the CB Staff

Share your playful side on Cherry Blossoms!


Finding your True Love can be a fun, joyful and a happy experience! Sometimes we get too a serious about our search, and that changes how we act towards others….

We suggest to show your Happy & Playful side!

We encourage you to share more about what you like to do, what makes you laugh out loud, and what makes you smile. Open your Heart and share from the bottom of it, talk about what’s an important to you!

Best wishes of health, happiness and love always!
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Aloha, CB Staff.

A Tip from Cherry Blossoms: Let Love In!


Hey CB Friends,
Cherry Blossoms wants to deliver the best news you have ever heard as it relates to finding your True Love… and that news is: THE ONE is out there, they’re waiting for you, and all you need to do is focus on what you want.

The best improvement we all can make towards anything that we want in our life, which includes Love, is to have our “REQUEST” for what we want become more PURE and more POSITIVE. That means to be really focused on what we want to have.

If you think about it, and as you listen more carefully to all the conversations around you, you will notice that most people are talking about what they do not want, and not about want they really want to have.

Best wishes of health, happiness and love always!
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Aloha, CB Staff.