Are Age Differences a Big Deal?

The answer when it comes to love is up to the couple, what this tips focuses on is how it will impact your VISA!

A petition cannot be denied due solely to age difference. However, the Embassy will deny a petition if the Consular official does not believe it is a valid relationship. When women are very young and there is a large age difference the likelihood of her using the sponsor as way to get to the US greatly increases. It is up to you to prove the validity of the relationship by submitting to the government e-mails with conversations about your lives, phone bills and photos of the two of you together and you with her family. It is also highly recommended that you be at her Embassy interview.


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Cherry Blossoms: What About Dating Asian Women Online?


Perhaps you’re a man who is tired of the same local dating scene, week after week, year after year. Maybe you dream of dating Asian women online. If you’re interested in meeting women, whether for friendships or for marriage, you are certainly not alone. Asian women have traditional values and exotic beauty. Their values are intriguing to men whose society often loses its way when it comes to relationships and happiness.

Men have always loved beautiful women, and perhaps Asian women were even more attractive because they were once unattainable. But that isn’t quite the case anymore. Now you can meet women from a world away and have a relationship, either online or eventually in person. Asian dating is not only possible, but it’s not difficult to accomplish, as long as you select the best site.

It’s not a mystery why men are so attracted to Asian women. Whether you look for their traditional values or their exotic features, they are singularly beautiful women, and their difference in culture makes them so much more interesting than women you can meet on the street any day.

If you’re not a young man, it’s good to know that your age is not as much an issue as you might think, when you’re dating Asian women. People of age are more revered in Asian lands, where it is believed that knowledge and wisdom come with age. Men in their 40’s may attract younger Asian women, and Asian families may prefer that their daughters date older men rather than younger ones.

Some in our society won’t understand why you prefer dating Asian women, but men have always loved women of rare beauty. It’s as natural as the flight of a bird. And there is no need to do mail order bride searching when it’s easier and more natural to meet various Asian women online until you find one that will become special to you.

With the online tools you have today, you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to find an Asian woman to be your bride. Of course, the first woman you meet will not be as likely to be your bride, but the relationships that develop will be natural and not forced. It’s natural to feel disenchanted with relationships if you’ve been burned before, but the society in Asia is much different than western culture. It will be a beautiful thing when you find Asian dating partners who enjoy spending time with you, whether it’s online or eventually in person.

Many women in Asian countries are raised in the understanding of what is really important in life, rather than the superficial things women in the western world seem to want. Relationships with Asian women can result in more meaningful relationships that can stand the test of time.

I’ve Met Her- How Do I Bring Her Home?


Thanks for coming back, Readers! Last week, we explored the first part of meeting your sweetie- even if she’s overseas!

This week, we’d like to touch on HOW YOU BRING HER HOME.

Seems daunting, doesn’t it? It’s a lot easier than you think- Keep reading to find out how!

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Why Limit Yourself? There’s a Whole WORLD of Single Women Looking for YOU.

A Whole World of Single Women are Waiting For YOU!

A Whole World of Single Women are Waiting For YOU!

Finding someone has never been easier! With the advent of the Internet, you can communicate and date with women all over the world. Nowadays, email and instant messaging make it so much easier to really get to know someone, even if they’re half a world away!

Why would you want to look that far?

We all know it takes two to be happy. Why limit your search to just your small town, the bar scene or the local Walmart?

Keep reading to see why Cherry Blossoms is the Oldest and Still the BEST!

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Fiancee Visa or Spousal Visa? A Curious Reader Wants to Know

Do you have Questions about the US Fiancee Visa and the US Spousal Visa?

Do you have Questions about the US Fiancee Visa and the US Spousal Visa?

Hi Readers,
Today we’ve got a question from one of our readers about the difference between a US K1 Fiancee Visa and a US K3/CR1 Spousal Visa:

Good day to both of you.. i was looking to ur pics and message here im happy for both of you… i have only few questions on what did u do for the papers after getting married. Because me and my future husband planning to get married here in philippines he is from usa. But we dont have any idea what would be the best thing to do just like the FIANCE VISA or SPOUSAL VISA. Because my future husband wanted to me to come with him go back to usa but he wanted us to get married here in philippines, my main point questions are what do we need to do after our marriage here, what i mean to say what are the steps to process the petition for me?….i hope u have this idea about my problem,,,, and hope you will reply for my concern…

What’s the difference? It could be the difference between seeing your honey in months instead of years.

Interested? Keep reading.

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