Success Story – Congrats Sherkhan!

Another Success Story from the Middle East and what great Pics!  Thank you and good fortune on your years to come!


Thank you so much for all your help. We couldn’t have done this without you. I will definitely be recommending Cherry Blossoms to my friends.





Mr. and Mrs. McDonald’s Success Story!


What a fantastic letter!  Thank You Mr. and Mrs. McDonald!

Hello Friends,
With the arrival of Guen’s 2 year probational  permanent residency card, we have reached the successful end of the whole nightmare that is the visa application process. Therefore, it is time to say thank you for all of your help. In that regard I would recommend that everyone seeking to live with their chosen spouse in the United States should avail themselves of your services. For us the visa fees were a good investment and I would recommend you to anyone that is serious about getting their spouse a USA visa and, ultimately, a permanent residency card.

I also wanted to include a couple of photos of us just before Guen and I traveled to the US. As you can see, we were happy then and I can assure you we are happy now. You may use these photos for promotional purposes, if you wish. The main point here is that we realize now how difficult this visa process is and that we sincerely appreciate your help through out this, much more difficult than we ever imagined, ordeal.

On a final note, I find myself embarrassed as a citizen of the USA (a country of immigrants) to acknowledge the presumption of fraud that the US immigration has in their dealings with ordinary people just trying to build a life together in the United States. Their entire process is a blight on human decency. (and remember their relatives were immigrants once upon a time too!!!!)

Once again, thanks for everything

David & Guen McDonald

YAY! for Mr. and Mrs. Lytle <3


How wonderful is finding love, I don’t think Ill ever be able to answer that question, there aren’t enough words….

And love is the answer that makes the questions go away…

Please enjoy another success…

Hi CB,

Agnes had her interview on Sept. 22nd and it went great!  she had her visa by Saturday and was able to fly back to the US with me.  We’re both very happy together and want to thank you for all the help with the VISA process.  We couldn’t of done it without your help.  Once we get married, we will contact you once again with the Adjustment of Status.  Once again, thanks for the help.

soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Lytle

Love Story


We Love hearing about love, and here is another wonderful story from one of the many couples that find each other through on Cherry Blossoms!  Keep your head high, and your heart full of love!

“Jerry and I appreciate all the help in seeing us through our journey and highly recommend cb to anyone. We always felt like we were your only clients although we know you have many. That’s a true testament to your dedication and sincere affection toward the people you help. Jerry and I both agree that the process would have been scary and difficult if not for your knowledge and genuine concerns. Thank you and all the staff at cherry blossoms for being wonderful : )”

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