Love is the Master’s Course of Life


Love is the Master’s Course of Life…

Whether you are going out to find your love, or using an Online Dating Site like Cherry Blossoms, there’s always some inner work to be done in order to find what you want.

It is said that the Mastery of anything, is the space of non resistance. When you watch a wonderful Athlete, or fabulous Musician, or a talented Artist, you will see, you can feel the absence of resistance.

So if you play Tennis at some level and you want to get to another level, it’s not just about practice, since if you keep practicing the same things, you will never get better, or at least not much better.

My view point about this is, if you want to get from where you are to some other place, you must have your conversation about this subject continue to become more pure and more positive; and more pure and more positive… it’s simply that way.

So starting each day, take some time and imagine the kind of person you’d love to meet. What they would look like, feel like, smell like, you can use all our senses. Then later, start thinking about it a few times a day, and then more and more, and depending on your level of desire, you might think about it once an hour, or even all the time.

How much you practice is all up to you, I just wanted to remind that there is inner work to be done, and if you do it, you will find your True Love.

Aloha, CB Mike.
Senior CB Staff.
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