Michael and Annalie

Michael And Annalie

Our favorite success story of 2018 without a doubt is the success story of Michael and Annalie. In July of 2017, Michael called and spoke to our “love guru.”

He called asking for advice on how to use our Cherry Blossoms website, and how he might go about finding the right woman for him.

A lengthly conversation ensued with the owner of Cherry Blossoms about embracing the “magical – mystical” side of love. He was also told to focus only on what he wanted, and that if he did, he would find his true love. After 3 weeks had transpired, Michael called the office and told us that he was on his way to the Philippines! He said he was going to meet his fiancee.  He went to the Philippines for 10 days and came back knowing he met his soulmate.  He returned to the Philippines 3 more times in a 6 month period. His last visit was to marry Annalie on the beach at Alona Beach Resort on the island of Panglao. You can watch their magical ceremony on YouTube by clicking here. The owner of Cherry Blossoms (CB Mike) had the honor of being his best man!

Cherry Blossoms prides itself on truly caring for all of its members, and our staff is available to help you with sound advice. If you are looking for dating, love and marriage Cherry Blossoms is your best bet. From the time you sign up on Cherry Blossoms, you are given advice and tools on the website to help you focus on what you are wanting. We have help videos to assist you in navigating the website, adjusting your personal settings, and much more! To see our help videos on YouTube, Click here.

We encourage anyone who is looking for love to watch the video of Michael and Annalie. It is truly wonderful and magical, but is just one of the countless success stories from those meeting on Cherry Blossoms for decades! Over 250,000 couples have met for love and marriage.

Cherry Blossoms is the 1st and still the best Asian Dating site. If you would like to sign up for free you can do so by clicking here www.blossoms.com



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