Start Your Relationship on a Positive Note


How you can start your relationship on a positive note!

Are you ready to start meeting wonderful singles…?

Maybe you’re wondering what’s the BEST way to start a conversation. Here are a few things we have learned in our 41 years of helping men and women meet for love and marriage:

  • Start with a sincere “Hello, how are you?”
  • Let them know what you like about their profile.
  • Ask them, “What kind of person are you looking for here on Cherry Blossoms?”
  • Let him know what kind of person you want to find.

With this information you have a lot to talk about. We suggest that you start talking in a general way about these subjects, and then get a little more detailed as you get to know each other. If at some point it seems too detailed, then just be more general. Remember to have fun because this is not an interview! When it comes down to it youou are wanting to find your Life Partner and your True Love.

Each person has different points of attraction and we get to learn that about each other. At the same time we learn more about ourselves. As we can better define to ourselves what we are looking for, we become a stronger point of attraction to another with similar interests.

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