What to do if it’s not a Match

What to do if it's not a Match

With so many different kinds of people doing online dating, you’re bound to come across someone who isn’t a good match.

What to do if it’s not a Match? You are not a good match for them or they’re not a good match for you?

You can “ghost” them and just not respond

We don’t recommend this; it leaves the other person wondering if you got their message.

You could be rude and tell them, “NO! I don’t like you.”

We don’t suggest this either. We encourage you to be sensitive to the other person’s feelings. It can be really hurtful and demoralizing to the other person to receive a message like that.

We suggest being kind and polite to everyone, even if you DON’T feel like you’re a dating match.

Here’s a sample to try: “Sorry, I don’t feel like we’re a good match. I wish you the best of luck in finding your perfect person!”

What if you’re not a good match for them?

If someone sends you a message saying that you’re not a good match for them, take it gracefully.

Even if it’s a rude rejection, be the bigger person. Thank them for taking the time to respond to you and wish them well.

Respect their wishes

It is best not to keep messaging if they feel there isn’t a match. It’s rude to keep pushing it, especially if they’ve made their wishes known.

Move on!

Believe it or not, there are thousands more single men and women who are looking for love on Cherry Blossoms. There ARE more people who DO match what you’re looking for.



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