Why Join Cherry Blossoms?

Why Join Cherry Blossoms?

If you have not already, you may ask yourself, “Why join Cherry Blossoms?”

We realize that Cherry Blossoms is not the only Asian Dating website there is on the Internet. So then, how are we different?

Firstly, we have been helping those seeking dating, love and marriage since 1974. We initially published a personals magazine for those wanting to correspond with each other. In 1995 we took our company online, and became one of the first 4 dating sites on the Internet. Since then we have helped more than 250,000 members of Cherry Blossoms meet for dating, love and marriage!

The owner of Cherry Blossoms is a one of the foremost experts on the subject of focusing on what YOU want when it comes to finding love. Like no other Asian dating website, he is available and willing to speak to any member who seeks out help and advice. Therefore, Cherry Blossoms is second to none when it comes to advice, and or support to all of our members.

We are the Only Asian Dating website in the world that speaks about, and is on the leading edge of thought relating to love and marriage. Cherry Blossoms has a Magical & Mystical outlook when it comes to the process of finding and focusing on Love & Marriage. Having a Magical / Mystical outlook when it comes to finding your true love like anything else takes practice. Clicking here you can read more about the process.

We encourage you to compare us with other similar websites. When you do compare us to any other Asian Dating Site, you will immediately find that Cherry Blossoms has more on-site tools available, that are built right in for our members to utilize in their journey to find true love.

Lastly, it is free to join and have a test drive of the website. For the women it is always free, and for the men you can choose to invest for just a month, or at a reduced rate have a monthly recurring charge! To sign up now click here www.blossoms.com



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  1. I want to make some friends .

  2. Searching for life partner.

  3. Mich ! Thanks for the comment. Have you signed up on Cherry Blossoms yet? If you have not yet, you can by going to https://www.blossoms.com

  4. Hello everyone searching for life partner

  5. Im searching for a life partner

  6. If you do not already have a profile on Cherry Blossoms you can go to https://www.blossoms.com and make one for free!

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  8. Hello how to sign in? I’m already sign up…do I need to pay?

  9. Women on Cherry Blossoms are able to use all of the features for FREE. For men it is very affordable to meet the woman of their dreams!

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